Benefits of trail racing at Cumberland

trail racesTrail racing has so many benefits that it is perhaps one of the top exercises that you can do for yourself. The best part about racing on the trail is that not only are you working out but you were also adventuring, breathing in fresh air, and taking in beautiful sites. You’re really knocking off two birds with one stone by taking this up as a new hobby.
Most people get highly discouraged after going to the gym for a couple weeks. When you were trail racing it is always a new experience and it never feels like a workout. This allows you to be very healthy without feeling like it is a chore. If you were to keep up with walking on the trails for a couple of weeks, you will experience major benefits in both mind and body.
Science has very clearly shown that exercise is the key to happiness and much healthier life. It feels so refreshing when you can go out in the middle of the woods and escape your modern stresses or fears. When you take a step away from your desk, your office, or even just your life there’s a feeling of being rejuvenated or refreshed.
If you can let go and let your mind wander while you were adventuring through the park, new were taking all sorts of sites. If you are an animal lover then this will be your new home.

Wild animals

We don’t have too many exotic animals since this is a public trail-head, however you will feel like you are in the outdoors. You’ll never feel at danger but you will feel the same connected us that our ancestors felt and back in the hunter and gatherer days.
We have all types of birds.
  • Insects.
  • Reptiles.
  • Spiders.
  • Snakes.
  • Wolves.
  • Dogs.
  • Cats.
  • Mosquitoes.
  • Bears.
  • Bobcats.

What to expect.

As soon as you arrive to our trail head the real be an entrance fee that you may have to pay. The fee varies based on the season but right now it is $45. This will pay for your entrance and cover one lunch ticket. From there you can venture around the trail in the park the entire day.

If you are racing then your family has to buy an additional five dollar ticket to watch you participate. We like to make sure all of your needs are met and you are in a comfortable environment.

The prices will be handed out at the very end to first place, second place, and third place. The first place winner will receive $1000 as a cash prize along with a T-shirt from the gift shop. The second place winner will receive a $500 prize along with a water bottle from the shop. lastly third place will receive a $100 prize with a water bottle from the shop. All of the participants no matter what position you play soon will receive a complimentary bag with our company logo on it so you can remember this race for years to come.

What you should eat before the trail race

When trying to figure out a diet for the race make sure that you embark that same diet during your training. Some athletes switch up their diet right before the race and their body reacts negatively to the new diet. We suggest having protein some carbs and eating a lot of greens before you begin racing. Make sure that you stay hydrated both during your training and before you get to Cumberland. Remember that you will be sweating a lot and we will have very limited water boots throughout the trail race. Most athletes do bring portable water bottles that strap onto their belt and they can sip on during the entire race. You might be thinking that bringing waters a bad idea because it is added way and it may drag you down, even though this is true we highly advise you to bring water to keep hydrated. We believe it is easier to carry a little bit more weight than to go the entire race with very limited water supply. Our athletes have thanked us for this advice. And we believe so will you.

Good attire to wear before you race in Cumberland

Cumberland never really gets too cold if you’re from the north states. We advise that you come in a hoodie so you are nice and warm. But do not let our one temperatures throughout the day fool you into thinking that it’s warm the entire night. When the sunsets it gets quite cool and our spectators are always in long sleeves and possibly hoodie, we’ve even seen people wear hats. If you are participating in the race then you will be moving and you will be warm so there’s no need for a hoodie. However if you have under armor or something that is long sleeves then you may wish to bring it. Our local tree specialist ( usually keeps everything nicely trimmed and prepared for our visitors. Sometimes the tree’s will be cut and you’ll notice yourself getting cold whenever the wind picks up. If you are from the southern states then maybe this will be colder than what you were used to. In that case make sure that you have some kind of under armor long sleeve clothing at your disposal.

Constant Visitor?

No problem! We have season passes for you and your family, price wise, this is the best value that you are going to get! And if you don’t live by us then you need to use our friends in Buffalo as your moving company. Talking about a workout imagine what they have to go through.